Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunset, Sunday before Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day to all, and my deepest thanks to all the American Servicemen and Women who have served the cause of freedom both here and around the world.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hey, I been busy!

In case anybody out there in bloggyville has missed me, It's not like I'm ignoring my blog duties on purpose, lol. Here are some pics of a recent installation ( I just picked up this millwork co. and they build a nice product) that I'd thought I'd share w/ anybody who gave a shit, lol.

Center/Right section, note pin lights and glass shelves, Kitchen is directly right of this elevation, hence the reason for a serious articulating extension arm to swing the plasma tv out for viewing from da kitchen! Posted by Hello

Left section of home ent/media center. Huge (and I mean HUGE) plasma tv will hang on articulating extension arm above fireplace. Columns on each side of mantle slide out for cd/dvd/video storage. Note sw/ for fireplace left of second small pilaster above countertop. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Too fuck to drunk

Sorry for all the confusion (especially you, Becca) involving the Plutonian space language on a few of the last posts....It seems that some pesky earth creature had stolen the Illudium Q-36 explosive space mod-u-la-tor and there was no loud, earth-shattering kaboom. Okay, actually what really happened is that I was fuck as drunk last time I posted and in the drop down box where it says "font", I in my happy,fuzzy-wuzzy haze, madly tippity typiting didn't realize I had selected "webdings" as the Goddamn font. For some reason Firefox doesn't recognize that font (which says something right there in itself...a browser that's smart enough not to recognize a totally useless fucking gibberish font??? Tell me that ain't the shit right there!) So, I had to dust off the old rustbucket Internet Explorer and teeter off to the old blog and lo and behold, what do I see but a bunch of goofy looking shit where my wonderful, heavily alcohol-influenced words should be. NOW I understand what Becca was pissed off about....nobody should have to spend time deciphering some idiots work who's too stupid or drunk to operate the dreaded font drop-down box correctly!!

So Becca, I apologize for being a knucklehead (also, when I edited the post back to a recognizable language, I lost the posts that were attached..GRRRRrrrrrrrr) and I promise to "endeavor to persevere"....hmmm, last time I heard that phrase it meant that the Apache were gonna make war on some unlucky white folk, lol.

I gotta go start driving my wagon in a circle yo...see you all later.

It's been awhile......

Wow, I almost forgot how to login and actually post on this damn thing, lol.

Hi to everybody out there on the info-tainment superhighway cruising by, it's been a couple o' weeks since I sat down and tippy-typed on the ol' keyboard, so bear with me.

Ever since Morgan was born, I have been in such a state of euphoria that nothing and I mean NOTHING has been able to piss me off (which is a great thing, believe me...the ten yr. old has tried) until I was cruising an IRC site and discovered that LOTS of people were leaving anti-American comments. Now, these are probably all youngsters (you know, teenagers that know everything) and so I kind of discount most of their blithering, but it does kinda get my hackles up.

You would just have to be some kind of fucking idiot not to recognize what the United States of America has done not just for the entire free world, but for the entire world PERIOD.

Yes, we have situations in our history that we aren't proud of, from the imposition of "manifest destiny" onto the American Indian, through slavery and the civil war, up through de-segregation and civil-rights, and a few other global "oopsies" like the Bay of Pigs invasion and Vietnam among others.

But what other country has done so much for the greater good of the world? France? Canada??

From WWI, through WWII, through the cold war years and the fall of communism (except for China and Cuba, gooooo team Castro!) and now through the NASA years (tip of the hat to the Russians for contributing as much as they have with such limited resources) and now the liberation of the Iraqi people. (By the way, where have all the anti-war protesters gone??? I swear Michael Moores face outta be on a milk carton by now).

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I'm feeling a little patriotic lately (more than usual, lol). Every time I look down at my beautiful little 3wk. old son, there is a swell of pride and a rush of thanks to Almighty God that my family and I live in this great country, free to live and think and speak as we please, within the limits of the peoples law.

So, if you're reading this and you're Canadian, I'm sorry. If you're reading this and you're French, you can put your arms down. If you're American and you're reading this, thank God.

Thank you.