Monday, March 21, 2005

A Time to Kill

I'm tired. Fed the fuck up to the eyeballs tired. Take a look at the picture of Jessica Lunsford below and then tell me why I shouldn't wanna disassemble the miserable scrap of filth who abducted her, sexually assaulted her tiny body, and then killed her, burying her lifeless little body in the dirt.

I believe in Almighty God. I believe in Jesus Christ. I know that "revenge is mine sayeth the Lord". But when I think of what that miserable piece of shit did to that innocent little girl, the devil in me makes my blood boil.

I actually hope he lives long enough to be given the death penalty, but I doubt that his days of surviving in prison are gonna be very many. See, the one thing that felons WILL NOT child molesters. Every man in the prison system has a child of their own. Or a neice or a nephew. And while they may take an animalistic view of perpetrating crimes on others, children are pretty much off limits. So there IS some honor among thieves, after all.

Hopefully, this human piece of trash will be taken out of solitary and put in general pop.

Thrown to the fucking wolves.

I hope the human shitstain is terrified at the thought.

And boy oh boy, does God have a surprise in store for him, too.