Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Mental floss

This originally started as a rant for here, but then morphed into a Pushforcoin rant....sorry.
(for some reason, the fact that I could actually get paid caish wampum for this kind of stuff keeps creeping into my thought processes..lol) Anyways, here it is, I apologize for not being smart 'nuff to make the linky things or put pictures here on the blog.

Now, I'm no writer. (no duh genius, thanks for the extry- special GLIMPSE into your life) I never kept a journal, never "wrote things down", hell I can't begin to remember the last letter I wrote, it's been so long...lol

But, for some reason, somebody liked what I had to say (just by reading some things I posted on a in internet forum. What can I say...Long Live the Internet!! Hooray!) enough to ask me to write some stuff for their website. "MMmmmmokay", I thought, what the hell have I got to lose? After all, they're not gonna pay me right off the bat sooooooooo.........fuck it, i'll have a go. If I suck, I can always plead stupidity and that will be that.

But then something happened. I began to realize the theraputic benefits of "downloading" all the junk that collects in my mental "temporary interworld cache" onto the "junk folder of life" known as www.pushforcoin.com.

Now I don't want any of you reading this to think that I'm ripping on you at all. This site (meaning the P4C) has it's advantages and dis-advantages just like anything else in life. If you like to "rough up your suspect" or "teach yourself the secret handshake" to pictues of hot, nekkid, disposable blonde-bots with little or no body hair, then scooter, you've come to the right place. Or, lets say you prefer to "assault your friendly weapon" or engage in a little "man to gland combat" to vids of sperm burpin' gutter-sluts. Then, right this way sir, we can certainly accomodate you. Click on any of the links (the links over there on the left, you glaze-covered drooling idiot) and you're sure to find enough eye-candy to spank yourself silly with. Like I said, not ripping on you at all.

And just so the ladies out there don't think we here at the P4C are total pigs (Yes, I get emails all the time cuz we don't have any links for the girls. First of all, I'm trying...lol...GET OFFA ME...it's not my site, I just provide reading material for those of you NOT engaged in "gnarfling your garthog" at the moment.) You ladies can jump onto the forums here at the P4C and make yourselves heard, trust me, DicB checks those pretty regularly and if enough of you got in his "cyberface" about it, he'd be daffy not to hook you up, right? Ain't living in a democracy great? Innit? I think so. But let's move on, shall we?

In "wrapping this up", remember kiddies, that the 'net is big and bad and fun and dangerous and scary and everything else too, all rolled up into a big ol' fat brain joint just waiting to be smoked. And there is a place for all of us, even me, "Mr. nice guy" AND my alter ego, "Mr. Angry White Male who has NO patience for idiocy and wants to bash your fucking head in for being so stupid and probably reproducing other little moronic stupids just like you (v2.0) who are only gonna clutter things up and make it EVEN tougher on the rest of us". Ummm...sorry....that's what happens when he pops out, he goes on a total rampage and then just like that, he's outta here. Me too.

That's my story,
and i'm stuck to it.


whiskytangofoxtrot wants you to know that even though most of you really piss him
off, he loves you anyway.

Now go and click on some links so I can afford to buy my kid the G.I.Joe w/ the
kung-fu grip.