Sunday, October 09, 2005

I've had enough.....

Okay, I'm fed up to my fucking eyeballs with people jumping on the "bash Bush" bandwagon. Now, please don't get me wrong. I certainly don't agree with everything that the President has said or done. I dislike the fact that he's another political child of priviledge, had a somewhat sketchy service record during the Vietnam era and is sometimes awful close to being just a plain-ass goofball.

But think about this long and hard, because to me, it's just plain undeniable.

He has served pretty damn well as the President of this country during the most trying of times since WWII. He has (no matter what the knee-jerk liberals say, including the media) instituted the will of the American people when it comes to the affairs of this country. First I get irritated, then usually I just laugh at the ignorance, whenever someone complains about "The Government". Like it's some nebulous entity out to get us all. I got news for the people that think that way......we ARE the Government you knuckleheads! Yes! All of us! That's the beauty of this country! If there are things we don't like about the laws we make or the way they're enforced, we can CHANGE them through the voting process. The problem is, most people who bitch and complain about the government are the same ones who take almost NO interest in the political process. Folks, If you don't like it, get out there and change it. It's the American way. At least it used to be.

Now, for just my opinion about New Orleans.....
(and I certainly mean that in the most sincere, loving way)

You people have done nothing but expect everyone else to drop what they're doing and come and save your stupid asses, when you had plenty of advance warning to evacuate. Not even to mention, I'm sure the folks in Gulfport and Biloxi and fucking fed-up with hearing your sniveling cry-baby shit.

As I stated before, I'm not a Huge fan of President Bush, and I'm certainly NOT Republican. What I am is a realist, and the reality IS that if Bush had tried to enforce some "mandatory federal evacuation order" in the week before Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, the folks in Nawlins would have been SCREAMING that Bush is playing cowboy, or "Bush thinks he's Massa running the plantation slaves again" or some bullfuckingshit like that. And the fact that the race card has been played again and again in this is just PATHETIC.

Too many damn fine black men and women, suffered and endured, and then triumphantly overcame, hardships and ignorance and idiocy from others, so that ALL of us could reap the benefits of a truly integrated society. And for some blacks (notice I don't use "African-American", what a silly fucking term that is) to use the "Bush hates black people" and "If Katrina had hit an upscale white community, things woulda been different" excuse for their own lack of preparation is just an insult to the rest of us who have the ablilty for independent thought.

The blame for most, if not all of New Orleans' problems, lies in the fact that the city government fell on it's face pitifully, and then weakly tried to slide it off on Bush, with the help of some journalistic sensationalism (thanks CNN, you fucking twerps)

Remember people, we live in a whole different age now. Half of what you see on the news is presented solely for it's sensationalism, not for it's newsworthyness. Gone are the days of journalistic credibility. It's all about grabbing the average meatheads pathetically short, bong-resin filled attention span and keeping it long enough to try and sell some Viagra/Beer/Underarm Deodorant/Hair care products to the arm-chair knee-jerk boob-tube intellectuals who are gullible enough not to follow one of the oldest and wisest (in my humble opinion) theories in the known world.

"Never believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see"

And that goes DOUBLE for the internet folks.